Terms Of Use

There’s just so much to share. Through this website, I will do exactly that. I will share with you how I was able to lose weight. I will also share with you how I am able to maintain my weight loss through a doable and delicious diet.


However, I want to take this time to share with you the Terms of Service of deast.net.  For better understanding as to how you can fully take advantage of my website, read the Terms of Service below.


Straight To The Point


Let’s go straight to the point now. Obviously, my website is all about weight loss and diets. So you will be reading a lot of articles that are intensely related to weight loss and diets.


Do not expect to read any other topic that isn’t related to weight loss and diets. I will not deal with any other topic that is unrelated to my experiences on weight loss and diets. So as early as now, feel free to leave my website if you are not too crazy with what I have to offer you.


Just A Twenty-Something Girl Here


I am in no position to claim that I’m an expert on such topics as weight loss and diets because obviously, I am not. What I will share with you here is all related to my personal weight loss experience.


Should you be inspired or motivated to try any of the programs taken up here, I am personally recommending that you see your doctor first. Your trust in me is flattering but for your safety, you need to see a doctor first.


Earnings On This Website


I am trying to earn a little bit through this website by featuring some advertising banners. That’s all because I am not in any way sponsored by any major company to write about a product.

For your information, the advertising banners you see here are not even giving me a decent income but that’s not going to stop me from sharing with you my story.

The Right Way To Share Articles

Everything I share with you here is guaranteed to be a hundred percent based on my opinion and experiences. So if you don’t like that, leave now or forever be silent.

Seriously, I will be sharing my personal experiences. Some are funny while some are very dramatic. So prepared to be entertained.

If there’s an article that you want to share with some of your friends, please let me.  A Contact Form is provided for you or for anyone who wants to get in touch with me.

Make Your Visit A Pleasant One

I will do my best to provide a great experience here on my website. For you to understand that more, you need to read my Privacy Policy as well.

However, you would also have to do your part in making your experience here a more pleasurable one. You are here as a visitor. It is expected that your behavior is acceptable. Hence, any kind of behavior that reflects hate or discrimination is not accepted here. Profanities have no place here on my website.

This website reserves the right to seek help from the proper authorities should there be any violation of the Terms of Service.

No Excuse For Ignorance

You can’t afford to be ignorant these days; no one can. Information, these days, is very accessible. There’s no excuse for ignorance these days.

Avoid being ignorant about the changes on my Terms of Service. I guarantee you that each time you read this page; it’s updated. You will never miss out on any of the revisions of my Terms of Service.